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Black Business Pittsburgh works to elevate black-owned businesses in and around the Pittsburgh, PA area. Join us in supporting Black-owned businesses to promote greater economic freedom for the Black community!

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You can help support black-owned businesses simply through intention. However, there are many other ways to ensure black businesses thrive. Below are a list of ways you can support:

Contact Local Government Officials & Community Leaders:

Contact local government officials and community leaders to determine if there’s a game plan to support black businesses specifically.

Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors:

Know a venture capitalist or network of angel investors? Inform them that there’s ingenuity and long-term growth opportunities within the black community. Send them our way!
Furthermore, you can support black-owned businesses by:

Shopping at Local Black-
Owned Businesses

Using Black Business

Partnering & Providing
Helpful Resources

Search Google for
"Black Owned Businesses"

Support Our
Microgrant Program


Video Recap of Our “Big Business Mixer” Series Hosted Quarterly
There is a burning desire deep within the hearts of Black Americans – the desire for strength, resilience, and prosperity. It is a desire that has been fueled by years of struggle, pain, and inequality. For too long, the Black community has been oppressed and marginalized, left to fend for themselves without the support and resources they need to thrive.
But now, we stand at a pivotal moment in history. A moment where we can turn the tides and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come. It is a moment where we must come together as a community and fight for what we know is right.
And what we know is this: in order for there to be a strong America, there must be a strong Black America. We cannot continue to ignore the disparities and injustices that exist within our own community. We must rise up and take action to build strong Black businesses that can drive our economy forward.
To achieve this, we need strong Black Business Economic Development and Resource Centers that are committed to supporting and growing Black enterprises. These centers can provide the resources, guidance, and advocacy needed to empower Black business leaders and entrepreneurs.
That’s why I urge every Black American, every Black business leader, and every advocate to work hand-in-hand with Black Business Centers and organizations to ensure that policymakers on both sides of the aisle understand and embrace the principles we’ve outlined in the EntrepreNOIR Economic Agenda.
We must let our voices be heard and demand change. We must take action and make our mark on history. So I implore you to share the EntrepreNOIR Economic Agenda with your Members of Congress and elected officials today. Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous future for ourselves and for our nation.

Barbara Tyson – Director & FOUNDER, THE Black Business CENTER, Inc.


Advocacy: Help Stop HB 5140!

As a Chamber of Commerce that advocates for African American businesses in San Antonio, we are deeply concerned about a house bill that only considers women and veterans as economically disadvantaged. This bill

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