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The vision for Black Business Pittsburgh is to be a resource for growing and developing African American owned businesses and the community as a whole. Our mission is to support our businesses to be profitable and sustainable .




The Shops - A Space for Visibility

In 2024, the Black business community in Pittsburgh will introduce “The Shops,” a unique space dedicated to enhancing visibility. “The Shops” will provide Black entrepreneurs with the opportunity to participate in a monthly market, allowing them to showcase their products and services to the local community. This vibrant marketplace will not only boost their visibility but also served as an inspiring environment for business growth and success.

20 23

Inaugural Black Business Gala​

In 2020, the Black business community witnessed the launch of the inaugural Black Business Gala. This annual event aimed to serve as a platform for showcasing and highlighting the accomplishments of Black entrepreneurs within the community served. It also provided a unique networking opportunity for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

20 20

Founding the Vision

In 2019, Barbara Tyson laid the foundation for an ambitious vision. Her dream was to create a dedicated space that could provide essential resources and information to support the growth of Black entrepreneurs and business owners in Florida.

20 19

20 23

The EntrepreNOIR Institute

Also in 2023, the Black Business community celebrated the launch of the EntrepreNOIR Institute. This virtual platform was designed to provide Black entrepreneurs with access to a range of educational resources and courses. Its purpose was to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for running thriving businesses, ensuring a brighter future for Black businesses owners.

20 19

Building Community Awareness

That same year, Barbara Tyson’s vision expanded as she initiated the development of a comprehensive Black business directory. This directory became a vital tool for raising awareness about the wide array of Black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh, shedding light on their products and services and their critical role in the community.

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